Demo Music

Here's a sampling of demo recordings from my song list. Intentionally raw and under-produced, I feel these are the closest representation of my live sound and range. You can play them right here or stream directly from my SoundCloud page.

original artist: Foo Fighters

Answering Bell
original artist: Ryan Adams

Crash Into Me
original artist: Dave Mathews

Tupelo Honey
original artist: Van Morrison

Brown Eyed Girl
original artist: Van Morrison

Inaudible Melodies
original artist: Jack Johnson

Tell Her This
original artist: Del Amitri

Tennessee Whiskey
original artist: Chris Stapleton

I Feel Alright
original artist: Steve Earl

Sitting on the Dock of the Bay
original artist: Otis Redding

Production Notes/MIDI Nerd Info

I record the backing Bass and Drum tracks in Reason 5 and are the same tracks I play live using my laptop and ASIO audio interface. I record these tracks linearly all the way through (as opposed to looping) to preserve the nuance of a real performance; in most cases my bass lines are played through using a MIDI interface on one of my electric guitars to produce an articulated string feel on the bass patch - closest thing I can get to the feel of a real Ampeg Flip-Top, without using an actual Ampeg Flip-Top. For the purposes of these demos, I record them as audio on a DAW with straight-up miced guitar and vocal tracks on the solo acoustic numbers, and importing in my Reason 5 tracks as audio along side the acoustic tracks on the others.

These tracks are minimalist, raw, and note-wise are heard exactly as played live; there's not a lot of studio trickery, over-dubs or cover-ups, and just like life, far from perfect!

As always I welcome your feedback - please visit my contact page if you'd like to send me any comments and/or suggestions.